Greally lab people

The Greally Lab studies odd mechanisms of human disease.

Our focus is on how environmental and genetic variability change the transcriptional regulation of a canonical cell type (cellular reprogramming) or the composition of cells in a tissue (polycreodism).

Junior faculty

Masako Suzuki DVM PhD


Masako is an innovator in genome-wide assay development, an expert in genomic data analysis, and an accomplished wet bench experimentalist. Her major focus is on how abnormal micronutrient exposures during pregnancy influence the risk of adult phenotypes through cell repertoire effects.


Graduate students

Taylor Thompson (MSTP)


Taylor is interested in genetic influences involved in health disparities. Her research studies how cell fate commitment interacts with genetic polymorphism and environmental perturbations to affect human phenotypes.



Reanna Doña (MSTP)


Reanna is studying how DNA sequence variants influence cell fate decisions in human tissues.




Kassidy Lundy (PhD)

Kassidy is working on cell subtype deconvolution in human liver diseases.




Jacob Stauber (MSTP)


Jacob is co-mentored by Uli Steidl in a project to understand the mutational events in haematopoietic stem cells in human blood cancers.





Principal investigator

John Greally DMed PhD FACMG


John Greally is trained as a pediatrician and as a clinical geneticist, seeing patients at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, and directs Einstein’s Center for Epigenomics. He is interested in the mechanisms of the diseases he sees in his patients. He has published a review recently that describes how he now thinks about epigenetics.